Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips – Dread Airport Lines?

Dread airport lines? Try these 4 holiday travel tips. We all know how it is. Especially, if you are traveling during the holidays. Any mention of the state of airport travel today – especially the lines and the TSA – will inevitably elicit groans of frustration, eye rolls, and a raft of stories of security nightmares. It’s true

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Family

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Family It takes a lot of work to get ready for a family trip, even if you have a travel agent doing the planning and booking for you. Choosing the right places and activities, all while trying to maintain some semblance of your normal routine, especially if you have younger kids

Choose Happy - Travel

Want More Happiness? Just Travel More

A proven way to more happiness…. We know that travel comes with a host of great benefits: you get to spend time with people you love; you get to see new things and try new things; you get to relax away from the pressures of work and everyday life; you get the thrill of realizing dreams you may